Ice Shelf in Danger, “We Are in for a Lot More Events Like This”; Al Gore’s Greenhouse Solution

CNN reports that a large portion of the Wilkins Ice Shelf is in danger of breaking off after a chunk of ice over 150 square miles in area fell into the ocean . Because the Antarctic summer is short, professor Ted Scambos of the National Snow and Ice Data Center says that there will be no more dramatic ice breakups this year, and that the “unusual show is over for this season.”


The ice shelf in danger is reportedly the size of Connecticut. Although this particular break isn’t enough to change world sea levels, having hundreds of square miles of ice unexpected threatening to break off seems portentous in the context of long established reports of accelerated melting
of polar ice.

On the subject of climate change, Al Gore is planning to spend $300 million over the next few years to stop greenhouse emissions through advertising. The New York Times reports how this will work:

In a presentation on the campaign last week, Cathy Zoi, who heads the alliance and was formerly a Clinton administration environmental aide, said the goal was to replicate the marketing success of enduring public service ad campaigns like the frying egg depicted as “your brain on drugs” and the 1971 advertisement featuring a tearful American Indian considering a polluted landscape.

We can only hope the campaign is more effective and more substantial than those iconic but cartoonish, simplistic, and widely mocked PSAs.
Ice shelf video from the BBC via YouTube.


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One Response to “Ice Shelf in Danger, “We Are in for a Lot More Events Like This”; Al Gore’s Greenhouse Solution”

  1. Allie Says:

    Seems highly unlikely that advertising– even $300 million worth– is going to cut it. Even the most effective campaign certainly won’t be effective enough to accomplish anything substantial enough to validate spending the money on advertising rather than channeling it directly into research. Also, pessimistically, our continued cultural reluctance to adjust our lifestyles in compliance with warnings that global warming is bringing an already nigh end nigher– or even acknowledge that this is actually the case– hardly seems likely to bend and buckle in the face of…an ad campaign.

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