Proposal For New Recycling Program is Killed in the General Assembly

A recent movement by Frederick County lawmakers to push a new bill that would allow curbside recycling countywide failed to be passed by Maryland law makers, and will have to be voted on next year before any sort of recycling program can go into effect for Fredrick county residents. Although the bill passed through the House of Delegates, law makers were split on the issue because it would limit Frederick County residents in their options for waste pickup and many of the trash companies involved in the issue lobbied against the act. Many legislators still hope to see the bill come back next year, and hope to be able to look at the bill more closely and potentially add amendments to satisfy others’ concerns about the new plan for trash collection. The full story can be found by following this link.

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The passage of a bill that would regulate recycling for an entire county, where currently there is only curbside pickup for recycling in limited areas, would be a great improvement for Maryland and would be seen as a great improvement by the members of greenMD, especially since in the article, Commissioners President Jan Gardner says that landfill space is becoming more and more limited for the county, and that “the bill would have helped [Fredrick county residents] expand recycling, helped the small haulers and potentially save the customers money.” It is really a wonder why legislators would have such an issue with passing a bill which would add so much to the efforts for recycling in Maryland. In current times, when recycling is seen as an innovative and extraordinary effort in saving residents money and in saving resources that are limited on our planet, it is hard to believe that law makers would not want to pass a law to make recycling so easily accessible for the people. As an environmentally concerned resident of Maryland myself, I feel as though we should do all that we can in order to make recycling easier, more accessible, and more encouraged in our state. It is my hope that this bill will return to the House of Delegates next year, and that we can hopefully begin a stronger movement to encourage recycling in Maryland and in efforts for a cleaner planet overall.


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