Schools Create Earth Day projects; spreading the word about recycling

With today being Earth Day, it is encouraging to remember that we have a day to appreciate doing work for the environment and to remember to treat the land we live on with respect. It’s also good to know that many different schools in Maryland’s education system are working to help promote recycling, and teaching future generations the benefits that can come from it. In Hagerstown, Maryland, at Williamsport Elementary, children today learned about the new programs for recycling, with the school recycling one ton of paper since the beginning of the school year. Also, in celebration of Earth Day 2008, the school and students planted pine trees around the school, which can teach the students the value of nature and the benefits the Earth can gain from it.

Other middle schools in the area have also set up programs for recycling paper and bottles/cans from students’ lunches, which not only makes an impact on the environment now, but also teaches student about recycling and the benefits that come from it. So far, all of the programs set up in the area for schools have been successful, and more importantly are teaching children the value of recycling. Hopefully, with time, we can make recycling successes like the programs installed in each of these schools more wide-spread, and start having the impact of recycling felt statewide.

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