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Ice Shelf in Danger, “We Are in for a Lot More Events Like This”; Al Gore’s Greenhouse Solution

April 1, 2008

CNN reports that a large portion of the Wilkins Ice Shelf is in danger of breaking off after a chunk of ice over 150 square miles in area fell into the ocean . Because the Antarctic summer is short, professor Ted Scambos of the National Snow and Ice Data Center says that there will be no more dramatic ice breakups this year, and that the “unusual show is over for this season.”


The ice shelf in danger is reportedly the size of Connecticut. Although this particular break isn’t enough to change world sea levels, having hundreds of square miles of ice unexpected threatening to break off seems portentous in the context of long established reports of accelerated melting
of polar ice.



Kyoto II

March 30, 2008

Reuters reports that talks are underway in Bangkok to set up preliminary work on a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol. It is hoped that the new protocol will be put together by the end of next year, so that there is more time before the current treaty expires. The article claims that the United States will likely be receptive to the new protocol and sign on, something that it had conspicuously avoided for the first Kyoto Protocol.


The article notes that all of the prospective presidential candidates take climate change more seriously than the current President had when he decided not to ratify the treaty. In his Foreign Affairs essay Renewing American Leadership, Barack Obama spoke favorably of a “cap and trade” system, while Hillary Clinton’s essay Security and Opportunity for the Twenty-First Century called for a similar system and also called for American participation in a “binding global climate agreement.” John McCain also wrote that he supports a “market-based approach [that] will set reasonable caps on emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.” Judging by the unity of the candidates’ rhetoric, it seems that America has left behind some of the climate-change skepticism that set it apart from other rich nations during the Bush Administration.